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The Right Barcode Label Material

Posted on April 17, 2024 by Raphael Corns

So, you merely bought your first thermal transfer printer and today you need to discover the perfect label for the printing application.

Thermal printers are excellent for printing shipping labels, warehouse rack labels, barcode labels, asset labels and product identification labels. Selecting the most appropriate label material could be probably the most important decisions you make. In case you are printing shipping labels or barcode identification labels for retail, the label doesn't have that long of a shelf life. A straightforward thermal transfer label and wax ribbon combo will continue to work just fine or perhaps a direct thermal. Remember that direct thermal labels are heat sensitive and will fade and blacken as time passes. Direct thermal is commonly more costly than thermal transfer labels, nevertheless, you need not change out a ribbon or element in that cost.

Perhaps you will have to print location or rack labels for the warehouse or possibly a shipping label which will be on something outside. Now you're confronted with a dilemna of getting a low priced label material which will offer you barcode smudge resistance and resistance to water. Polyester labels can be extremely expensive and overkill because of this application. Contemplate using a poly blend material such as a polyetholene or polyolephin. These materials tend to be more expensive than paper but won't break your budget for the application. Polyester labels are perfect for contact with chemicals and high temperatures. Also, they are great for supporting to sun and rain. Many asset labels are printed in polyester as you want them to be around for the life span of the merchandise. In the event that you still need more durability, consider anodized aluminum labels or tags for the application. These have the image preprinted in it and baked in to the material. You'll pay a lot of money for these, but whether it's likely to last forever, it's worth the investment.