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Assessing Value

Posted on February 11, 2022 by Raphael Corns

Many companies have the purpose of sustaining existence by selling what they make. Great companies concentrate on delivering unique value -- even before an individual service or product is bought. It's a vintage saw that's still ignored undoubtedly way too many businesses.

Our client's problem is easy: His company does not communicate unique value to the mark market.


Communication may be the lifeblood of each business. It carries unique value -- the main element nutrient that feeds all relationships. Once the flow of value is obstructed, a number of symptoms manifest, including:

  • Slow sales
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • High employee turnover
  • Poor product quality
  • Assessing the flow of communication is among the most significant business diagnostics tools accessible to you. One technique of assessing that flow is by analyzing the worthiness sent to key stakeholders.

    In our client's case, a small business communications assessment of marketing collateral revealed that the language the business used to speak about its value and the customer's perception of the business's value didn't match. Unique value in cases like this was obscured by heavy language: Jargon, thick wording, and phrasing made to sound good instead of convey information.

    The material put people off. Since it was so hard to understand, there is no value flow. When value doesn't flow outward from the business, value (money) doesn't flow in. Relationships stagnate.

    Nobody wins.

    The Flow of Value

    Value flow is definitely bidirectional in relationships. Otherwise all you're doing is broadcasting. Restrictions in the flow of value cause poor business health. Many a small business has closed its doors because value flow stopped.

    As you watch the flow of value in your organization, take into account the relationship between what your company gives and what it receives. Turn that relationship around and study your visitors and soon you are as clear in what value opportinity for them when you are about what this means for you personally.

    When you figure out how to perceive your specific value from the customer's perspective, your communication in to the marketplace reflects that perception. Your organization cannot help but be healthier because of this.